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About Us

Our Mission

Our pedagogy brings together well-trained people, custom made educational materials and innovative teaching methods. Samarthya Classes Academic Team comprises of IIT , NIT, BITs graduates and doctors and Phds who create and curate a rich library of study materials, conceptual questions and doubt-solving resources for our students. Our core values are "Discipline", "Dedication", "Determination" and "Deliverance". We have contrived a very rigorous and disciplined study program to excel in JEE, NEET, NDA, Boards, NTSE and Olympiads. The study program is implemented systematically using technology based teaching, Mentorship and synchronized evaluation.

Our Vision

"In the years prior to the competitive examinations for admission in colleges like IITs, NITs, AIIMS, NDA good medical colleges, middle class and wealthy students spend hours a day in tuitions that are out-of-budget and out-of-reach for most Indians. In the present years students from small towns have to move out of their places to get coached for competitive examinations. The challenges a student do face are limitless, change in environment, not coping up with the pace of life are some of the examples and due to these factors the success ratio of such students is very poor. Many students from disadvantageous economic class do not even think about getting into the competitive examination field due to lack of confidence and esteem. Many students from disadvantaged backgrounds do make it to an IIT through self-study and their own jugaad. Our Vision is to be the fountainhead of new ideas which can enable students from small towns to get into prestigious colleges like IITs and to create an ambience in which the confidence and talent of students from disadvantageous backgrounds flourish and leaders and innovators of tomorrow emerge.